Terms and Conditions

Daffodil mini villa is non-commercial and is offered as a mini villa rented directly by the owner. Each agreement and the conditions contained therein are established as a private agreement.

The maximum number of adult guests is 3. The minimum age of the lead customer is 25 years.

– Bookings/reservations via any platform other than a direct booking are always subject to the conditions stated on that specific platform and also for the prices stated on that specific platform.

Direct booking and reservation, either through the Daffodil mini villa website or through the social media channels, will yield a 'best rate'.

– provided that "best" rates are always so-called "non-refundable rates", whether stated, itemized or not.

– For any direct booking or reservation, a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the entire booking/reservation is required within 5 days of making the first reservation. The rest payment must be paid 7 weeks before arrival.

– Daffodil mini villa keeps the requested dates blocked for 5 days after request and/or date of reservation/booking.

– Only after receipt of the full deposit is a reservation complete and only after meeting this obligation can a customer invoke the booking and cancellation policy of Daffodil mini villa.

– A deposit cannot be paid in installments unless specifically agreed.

– If the balance of a deposit is not paid within the period of 5 days, the intended reservation will be automatically cancelled.

– Each reservation only becomes a booking after the balance of the total cost of the total booking has been paid in full.

– By making the reservation and/or making a payment, the customer agrees with the booking and reservation policy of Daffodil mini villa and with the house rules of Daffodil mini villa.

– Exceptions to the above are only valid after written permission from Daffodil mini villa. The client who changes conditions himself or does not comply with what has been agreed on his behalf will automatically dissolve the original agreement and no claim can be made on previously agreed upon.

– A reservation within 60 days before arrival is automatically a booking and must be paid in full within 5 days after confirmation.