House rules:

Smoking is not allowed in Daffodil mini villa with the exception of the garden.

Pets are not allowed in Daffodil mini villa.

The tenant is obliged to use the rented property properly and to leave the rented property in good condition, neat and tidy (without waste and dishes).

During your stay, you as a tenant are liable for the accommodation, its contents and all other matters that belong to the rented property. Everything must be left in the same condition as you found it at the start of the rental period. In the event of damage, you must report this to us immediately and reimburse the repair and/or replacement costs. In the event of loss of keys, all resulting costs will be charged to the tenant.

After your departure we will check Daffodil mini villa and everything related to it. We advise you to take out travel insurance that covers damage in the rented accommodation.