Daffodil Mini Villa
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 Disclaimer / Privacy 

The greatest possible care has been taken in creating this website. There is always the possibility that information will become outdated or no longer correct over time. Therefore, no rights can be derived from this website.

Daffodil mini villa does not bear any responsibility for information on any internet site or page referred to on this site and its linked sites. The material in this site may not be used without written permission from Daffodil mini villa.

What personal information does Daffodil mini villa register and what is it used for?

Customer data
For the rental of our house, Daffodil mini villa needs the name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of its guests. Daffodil mini villa uses this information to contact its customers. Under no circumstances will this information be rented or sold to third parties.

The secret of correspondence also applies to electronic mail. This means that Daffodil mini villa keeps the content of email messages from its guests to Daffodil mini villa secret.

What will happen to your data?
The information collected is property of Daffodil mini villa. The information that is collected is used to provide its own services to visitors. Your data will therefore never be sold or rented to third parties. If you have questions about privacy, want to have data removed or if you want insight into the data that we register about you, you can send an email to info@corfuvvakantiehuis.nl.